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We anticipate opening the Dodge & Cox Emerging Markets Stock Fund to investors in May, 2021.
The Fund seeks long-term growth of principal and income.

The Fund will invest primarily in a diversified portfolio of emerging markets equity securities issued by companies from at least three different countries. The Fund is not required to allocate its investments in set percentages in particular countries. Under normal circumstances, the Fund will invest at least 80% of its total assets in equity securities of emerging market issuers. Derivative transactions that have economic characteristics similar to such equity securities are included in the Fund’s 80% investment policy. Emerging market issuers include those located in emerging market countries and those determined by Dodge & Cox to have significant economic exposure to emerging market countries. For purposes of its 80% investment policy, Dodge & Cox will consider countries that are not part of the MSCI Developed Market Indices (including frontier markets countries) to be emerging market countries. In determining whether an issuer is located in or has significant economic exposure to an emerging market country, Dodge & Cox will consider the issuer’s country of organization, the location of its management, the country of its primary listing, its reporting currency, and whether the issuer has substantial assets in, or derives significant revenues from, emerging market countries. The Fund may use derivatives, such as futures, options, and swaps either to create exposure to equity securities or to hedge against exposure created by its other investments. The Fund may gain exposure to emerging market issuers by investing in exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”). The Fund may use currency forward contracts, currency swaps, or currency futures contracts to hedge direct and/or indirect foreign currency exposure.

In selecting investments, the Fund typically invests in companies that, in Dodge & Cox’s opinion, appear to be temporarily undervalued by the stock market but have a favorable outlook for long-term growth. Dodge & Cox relies on fundamental research to select investments for the Fund’s portfolio, supplemented by financial screening models that help identify companies from within the Fund’s investment universe for further consideration by research analysts. The Fund focuses on the underlying financial condition and prospects of individual companies, including future earnings, cash flow, and dividends. Various other factors, including financial strength, economic condition, competitive advantage, quality of the business franchise, and the reputation, experience, and competence of a company’s management are weighed against valuation in selecting individual securities. The Fund also considers the economic and political stability of the country where the issuer is located and the protections provided to shareholders. The Fund may invest in companies of any size, including large-, medium-, and small-cap companies.

Fund Facts

Fund Inception Date Anticipated May 2021
Minimum Initial Investment $2,500
Minimum Initial IRA Investment $1,000
Minimum Subsequent Investment $100
Distributions Dividends and capital gains, if any, are distributed in December.




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