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Losing a loved one is painful. We want to simplify the process of updating your investments during this difficult time.

Please review the list of considerations and locate the corresponding service forms towards the bottom of the page. Forms are grouped by those applicable to regular investment accounts, and those applicable to IRAs.

Review the paperwork and instructions for processing a change of registration or distribution of assets from an existing Dodge & Cox Funds account.

Review and update the beneficiary designations for any existing Dodge & Cox Funds accounts.

Learn about the Dodge & Cox Funds and the personal and retirement account types available to you for investing.

We want to help you as much as possible during this difficult time. If you have any additional questions, please call the Dodge & Cox Funds Life Events Team at 1-800-621-3979.


If you require specific information concerning your individual financial situation, please consult with a financial planner or tax advisor. Dodge & Cox Funds do not offer financial planning or tax advice.

Regular Account Forms
IRA Forms


Form Name & Function Online PDF Mail Email
  • Inherit or Redeem Shares
    Inheritance Form
    • Request a transfer of shares due to inheritance
    Redemption Request Form
    • Request a redemption from your account(s)
  • Update Your Account
    Change of Ownership Form
    • Change an individual account to a joint tenant account
    • Change a joint tenant account to an individual account
    • Change of/to a trust account
    • Change an UGMA/UTMA account to an individual account (minor reaches age of majority)
    • Change the custodian of an UGMA/UTMA account.
    Transfer on Death Beneficiary Designation Form
    • Designate a beneficiary(ies) (or change a previously made designation) for your individual or joint tenant account in the Dodge & Cox Funds
  • Open an Account
    Account Application for Individuals and Personal Trusts
    • Use this form to open an individual, joint tenant, custodial account for a minor, or a trust account where the beneficial owner is a person. Investors can also open these accounts online, with the exception of personal trusts. Do not use this form for an IRA.
  • Inherit or Distribute Shares
    IRA Inheritance Form
    • Request a transfer of shares due to inheritance.
    IRA Required Minimum Distribution Election Form
    • Make a Required Minimum Distribution election for your Dodge & Cox Funds IRA
    IRA Distribution Request Form
    • Download this form to make one or more distributions from your existing Dodge & Cox Funds traditional or Roth IRA
  • Open an IRA
    IRA Information Kit
    • Includes information to establish a Traditional, Roth or SEP IRA
    IRA Application − Traditional or Roth IRA (Contribution)
    • Open a Dodge & Cox Funds IRA and fund with a contribution.
    IRA Application − Transfer of Assets, Rollover, or SEP IRA
    • Open a Dodge & Cox Funds IRA and request a transfer of assets from a non-Dodge & Cox Funds traditional or Roth IRA
    • Open a Dodge & Cox Funds IRA and request a rollover from your employer-sponsored retirement plan
    • Open a Dodge & Cox Funds SEP IRA

Can't find the form that you are looking for? Click here for a detailed list of all available forms. If you have questions about the difference of certain account types, visit our FAQ page.

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