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Average Annual Total Returns*
For periods ending December 31, 2021 (updated quarterly)

dodge & cox fund/
comparative index
  1 year†   3 years   5 years   10 years   20 years/
Since Inception*
Stock Fund 31.68% 20.78% 14.14% 15.56% 9.64%
S&P 500 Index   28.71%   26.07% 18.47% 16.55%   9.52%
Russell 1000 Value Index   25.16%   17.64% 11.16% 12.97%   8.34%
Global Stock Fund   20.75%   16.61%   10.97% 12.07%   7.00%††
MSCI World Index   21.82%   21.70%   15.03%   12.70%   7.85%††
International Stock Fund   11.02%   11.65%   7.19%   7.58%   7.79%
MSCI EAFE Index   11.26%   13.54%   9.55% 8.03%   6.33%
Emerging Markets Stock Fund           -9.82%††
MSCI Emerging Markets Index (USD)         -5.80%††
Balanced Fund 19.28% 15.45% 10.56% 11.95% 8.29%
Combined Index   15.86%   17.54%   12.62% 11.15%   7.72%
Income Fund   -0.91% 5.97%   4.37% 4.07% 4.99%
Bloomberg U.S. Aggregate Bond Index   -1.54%   4.79%   3.57%   2.90%   4.33%
Global Bond Fund   -0.85% 7.58%   5.85% N/A   3.90%††
Bloomberg Global Aggregate Bond Index (USD Hedged)   -1.39%   4.06% 3.39%   N/A   3.22%††
Bloomberg Global Aggregate Bond Index (Unhedged)   -4.71%   3.59% 3.36%   N/A   1.40%††

Returns represent past performance and do not guarantee future results. Investment return and share price will fluctuate with market conditions, and investors may have a gain or loss when shares are sold. Mutual fund performance changes over time and currently may be significantly lower than stated above.

†Investors should note that the Funds' short-term performance is highly unusual and unlikely to be sustained.


Daily Prices
as of  January 27, 2022
  Price   Change from Previous Day   Year-to-Date Performance††
Stock Fund   $243.00   -$0.40   -.93%
Global Stock Fund   $14.52   +$.02   0.55%
International Stock Fund   $47.91   +$.06   1.31%
Emerging Markets Stock Fund   $8.72   -$0.08   -1.91%
Balanced Fund   $108.49   -$0.04   -.84%
Income Fund   $13.78   No Change   -1.99%
Global Bond Fund   $11.32   -$0.02   -1.91%


* Since inception returns are provided for Funds with less than twenty years of performance history.

†† The Global Stock Fund’s inception date was May 1, 2008. The Emerging Markets Stock Fund’s inception date was May 11, 2021. Dodge & Cox Global Bond Fund, L.L.C., a private fund managed and funded by Dodge & Cox (the “Private Fund”) was reorganized into the Fund and the Fund commenced operations on May 1, 2014. The Private Fund was organized as Delaware limited liability company and was treated as a disregarded entity under the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the “Code”). The Private Fund commenced operations on December 5, 2012, and had an investment objective, policies, and strategies that were, in all material respects, the same as those of the Fund, and was managed in a manner that, in all material respects, complied with the investment guidelines and restrictions of the Fund. However, the Private Fund was not registered as an investment company under the Investment Company Act of 1940 (the “1940 Act”), and therefore was not subject to certain investment limitations, diversification requirements, liquidity requirements, and other restrictions imposed by the 1940 Act and the Code, which, if applicable, may have adversely affected its performance. The Fund’s performance for periods prior to the commencement of operations on May 1, 2014, is that of the Private Fund. The performance of the Private Fund has not been restated because the net total operating expense ratio of the Private Fund and the Fund are the same. Expense reimbursements have been in effect for the Fund since its inception. Without the expense reimbursements, returns for the Fund would have been lower.

All returns are stated in U.S. dollars, unless otherwise noted. The Funds’ total returns include the reinvestment of dividend and capital gain distributions, but have not been adjusted for any income taxes payable by shareholders on these distributions or on Fund share redemptions. Index returns include dividend and/or interest income but, unlike Fund returns, do not reflect fees or expenses.

The S&P 500 Index is a market capitalization-weighted index of 500 large-capitalization stocks commonly used to represent the U.S. equity market. The Russell 1000 Value Index is a broad-based, unmanaged equity market index composed of those Russell 1000 companies with lower price-to-book ratios and lower forecasted growth values. The MSCI World Index is a broad-based, unmanaged equity market index aggregated from 24 developed market country indices, including the United States. Results reflect dividends net of withholding taxes. The MSCI EAFE (Europe, Australasia, Far East) Index is a broad-based, unmanaged equity market index aggregated from 22 developed market country indices, excluding the United States. Results reflect dividends net of withholding taxes. The MSCI Emerging Markets Index captures large and mid cap representation across 27 Emerging Markets (EM) countries. Results reflect dividends net of withholding taxes. The Combined Index reflects an unmanaged portfolio (rebalanced monthly) of 60% of the S&P 500, and 40% of the BBG U.S. Agg. The Fund may, however, invest up to 75% of its total assets in stocks. The Bloomberg U.S. Aggregate Bond Index (BBG U.S. Agg) is a widely recognized, unmanaged index of U.S. dollar-denominated investment-grade fixed income securities. The Bloomberg Global Aggregate Bond Index is a widely recognized, unmanaged index of multi-currency, investment-grade fixed income securities. Bloomberg calculates a USD hedged return by applying one-month forward rates to seek to eliminate the effect of non-USD exposures. Effective January 15, 2021, the benchmark was changed from the unhedged to the hedged version of the Bloomberg Global Aggregate Bond Index.

Bloomberg® is a registered trademark of Bloomberg Finance L.P. and its affiliates. The Dodge & Cox Funds are not in any way connected to or sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by the London Stock Exchange Group plc and its group undertakings (collectively, the “LSE Group”). FTSE Russell is a trading name of certain of the LSE Group companies. All rights in the Russell 1000 Value Index (the “Index”) vest in the relevant LSE Group company which owns the Index. “Russell®” is a trade mark of the relevant LSE Group company and is used by any other LSE Group company under license. The Index is calculated by or on behalf of FTSE International Limited or its affiliate, agent or partner. The LSE Group does not accept any liability whatsoever to any person arising out of (a) the use of, reliance on or any error in the Index or (b) investment in or operation of the Funds. The LSE Group makes no claim, prediction, warranty or representation either as to the results to be obtained from the Funds or the suitability of the Index for the purpose to which it is being put. MSCI World and MSCI EAFE are service marks of MSCI Barra. MSCI makes no express or implied warranties or representations and shall have no liability whatsoever with respect to any MSCI data contained herein. The data may not be further redistributed or used as a basis for other indices or any securities or financial products. This report is not approved, reviewed, or produced by MSCI. S&P 500® is a trademark of S&P Global Inc.

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